Friday, June 29, 2007

My Mummy's Back!

I was sooooooooo happy to go to the Singapore Changi Airport to welcome my Mummy back home.

Here is the beautiful Singapore Changi Airport

Here is the lounge where you can watch sports channels while waiting to board the plane.

Many shops!

Mummy's favourite hang out place before she boards the plane. A book store.

Well, she didn get ANYTHING FOR me... but its alright, i checked her suitcase, and she did not get anything for herself too. She barely has the time to do any shopping and it was the SALES period! Can you imagine how frustrating it was?

So anyway, Mummy went to a city where there are many dogs! Mummy saw two dachshunds during her 2 days there but did not manage to get their pictures. Urgh...

Dogs at the train station...

 Dogs on the streets....

Dogs going to the hotel...

Did you guess right where Mummy went? Yup, its PARIS

Mummy hates the flight there and TOTALLY hates the jet lag. This time, to make things worst. Mummy had a meeting to attend right after she touch down. She reached her hotel at 10am, attended a meeting at 10.30am. The meeting ended at 5pm and then theres a dinner event and that lasted till 12midnite. It was a crazy day.  Poor Mummy, the whole of PARIS went on sale and Mummy did not have the chance to even step into one boutique to do decent shopping. Most of the shops are open from 10am - 7pm. The only free time my Mum has got? 7pm onwards. *sad*

So Mummy took lots of pictures for my viewing pleasure.

Arc De Triumph

Mummy came here the first night for her Dinner. This place used to be an Abbey. I heard that the place is Beautiful

 Road to the Abbey

This building was part of a Church, but it was destroyed during the French Revolution. It is almost Summer in Paris and it is really bright even at 9pm. This picture was taken at ard 8pm.

 On the 2nd day, Mummy went to a Factory Visit at Segre. It was about 2 hours ride in the train from Paris. So Mummy took the chance to power nap!

The place where Mummy had lunch for the 2nd day. It is a nice little cottage house just beisde of the Factory.

 The Dining table. Can you spot the chef of the day? Mum isn't really into French Cuisine but she says the food that day was very very delicious.


Caviar and some Fish liver thingy with Champagne. Mummy was told that these are good stuffs but she doesn't enjoy it at all. She says it tasted funny. (Well mum, you can always packet some for me!)

On the last day, Mummy woke up earlier to go for a walk at the Jardin Des Tuileries . She loves to do this on the last day of her trip. The last time she came, it was so cold in the morning that she had to go to the Lourve Museum to hide.

This was a picture taken in April this year, during my mummy's previous visit. Naked tree with no Leaves and the sky so gloomy

This time, the leaves and the sun are out! Can you tell the difference?

I love Ferris Wheel!

Musuem Lourve


There are many more pictures my Mummy took but i think they are not good enough to make it to my blog :p

Hope you guys enjoyed the Pictures!

Let me sign off with a picture of me at the Airport!

Welcome Back Mummy!

 I missed you alot!


Oscar said...

Phew, sounds like poor mum had a busy trip. You'd better snuggle up and have a nap I think!

Oscar x

ferndoggle said...

What a cool trip! Lots to see. She's probably very tired. You'll need to help her rest up.


Boo said...

i love that cottage. i would love to taste the caviar too!

wet wet licks


simba said...

My Mummy and fat fat Daddy went to Paris last year. They say it if beautiful. How come we don't get to go?

Simba xx

hershey said...

reina!! my daddy is going to paris the last two weeks of july!! he is going for business too and my mommy is VERY jealous! but i don't care cause mom, miriam, nixon, and i are going to see copper!!!!! mom sais that dad has to bring her something cool from the shops in paris OR ELSE!!!

Ruby said...

Those are some great pictures Reina. I bet you missed your Mommy a lot. Too bad she didn't get to do any shopping...maybe next time.

Lots of Licks, ruby

Luckie said...

Hey Reina,
Now you are getting me really excited about your Mom's job! She gets to travel to PARIS??? Way cool!! hehe... I guess your Daddy sneaked you into the airport eh? :) Way to go!! Jet Lag sucks big time!!!

reinadoxie said...

Hey Hershey,
Do let me know if your daddy manage to find any petshops there cause my mummy can't seem to find any.

Hey Luckie,
Daddy put me in the fundle bag! But the moment i saw my mum walking out of the gate, i couldn't control myself and wanted to jump out!

geosen said...

What great pictures! Mom says she's never been over seas and Paris is one place she'd love to see! Thanks for posting all of the beautiful pictures!

Love ya lots,

Suki said...

Hi Reina!
Wow, the airport in Shanhai looks so pretty. My Mom says she really wants to go to Shanghai. She says she's been to Paris, too, and it's so beautiful! I wish I could go. Have you ever been to Spain?

Puggy kisses

Copper said...

Reina, My Mom is jealous too. Those pictures of Paris are gorgeous. My Mom wants to gi there very badly. She almost got to go once but she wasn't able to go because her mother died.

Girl girl said...

Woh.. Paris sure is a very nice place. And did your mum felt like in the movie "Da Vinci Code" when she was in the Musuem Lourve? You must be very happy that your Mum's back now. :)

~ girl girl

joestains said...

we are very glad your mom is home safe!!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina.
Thanks for sharing those great pictures of your mom's trip. My grandma went to Paris once and she says it was a great trip. So bad your mom didn't get to go shopping. Nothing for her, nothing for your dad and nothing for you! Well, the best part its that she is home now!
Have a good night

reinadoxie said...

Hi Suki,
My mum haven't been to Shanghai. I wonder if the airport there is as nice too!
Yup, Mum went to Spain before. She went to San Sebastian for a day. And she says it is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!
Hey GirlGirl,

Yah! My mum is a big fan of this fiction book and she thought it was really really cool to be in the museum looking at all the paintings being mentioned in the Da Vinci Code.

Hana the Dog said...

Wow, your airport looks so neat. Mine is pretty plain. Did your Mom miss you while she was in Paris? I hope she didn't forget about you. How come she didn't take you on the plane with her to Paris??? That would have been LOTS OF FUN!!

Toby said...

Your Mommy went to Paris and she didn't shop?? How can that be??? I would double check her suitcase again.... I think she's lying!! Hahaha....