Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Talk about the efficiency level of my parents...


And to please my Mummy, i mastered the "Down" command this evening. She was so happy that she totally forgot what happened earlier on and kept feeding me cheese *slurps*


simba said...

mmm cheese yummy. humans are easily pleased aren't they.

Simba xx

Luckie said...

hehe..the play pen isn't so bad yah? Ask them to put your bed inside during the day and some toys!! Remember to rotate the toys so you don't get too bored. Also put your peetray at the other end. Gotta make the place very homely. have you seen my play pen? :)

Down is is BANG BANG!!!

Oscar said...

Nice playpen Reina, I'm sure you'll feel safer and happier in there with your toys and daddy's T shirt.

Oscar x

Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina.
Your play pen looks safe for you. Maybe just needs some toys and your bed there to make you feel happier.
Good job with the "down" command!
Have a nice day

Pippin said...

Hei Missie, so you got one of them too eh? We have one in the living room where I am put when I bite or do naughty things. No toys in my pen so it's booooring there. So i've practically stopped biting. When I am alone I am allowed to roam the living room, but they have secured all wires and things for me. There's also a pen for the sleeping upstairs so they know where I am during night and that they're 150% sure I'm houseclean before they let me roam freely at night. It's not like I want to pee in my pen!

And I heard someone mutter "About 23% of Singapore's land area consists of forest and nature reserves" Sounds like a place to go, and make your folks take pictures!

Woof woofs,

Pippin said...

but but but.. what is that? Clothes? are you wearing clothes Miss Reina? *shocked* but why? I thought Singapore was hot enough during summer for you.

Curious woofs,

reinadoxie said...

Hi my friends!

Thanks for all the regards!
My parents decided to leave me in the play pen during the day and let me sleep in their room during the night.
Oh I can't wait to learn Bang bang!!!
Yup those are my new clothes! I get to wear it during special occassions or when i am in the airconditioned room with my parents. Singapore is Summer all year round... It is boring. :(

Peanut said...

Ah see that will keep you safe and keep your parents stuff safe too.

Girl girl said...

Oh Reina, so glad to hear that your parents have forgave you on the spec breaking incident. I hope nobody got hurt from the broken glass. And yummy cheese. You must have done well with the command. Is that baldy pig in cage with you?

~ girl girl

reinadoxie said...

Hi Girl Girl
Yup! That is my good old pal Baldy pig.. well actually, this is baldy pig jr. I disfigured Baldy Pig so Mummy got me Baldy pig Jr. heehe


Boo said...

hey reina, i'm glad your hooman take action immediately or you get more spanky bcoz of their mistake! hehe. yeah, put something comfy inside for you to sleep like luckie suggested. and toys... why don't just put your toys box in there so u won't get bored?

wet wet licks


ume said...

hi Reina,
ahhh... i saw dat your hoomans got u the playpen too!
i get stuck in one when Jiejie is out working. BUT! we can still wreak havoc in the playpen! rip the newspapers apart! overturn your peetray! oops! i hope your Mummy aint reading this!