Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Monkey business

The following encounter happened last Saturday. 

I was first rejected entry into Bukit Timah hill. Apparently, dogs are not allowed in this park! What the hell! Bleah! What kind of park turns away dogs!

It however does seem like I won't be able to share one of mummy and daddy's favorite hang out places. =(

Nevertheless, I was determined to get my morning walk, so I went to another, Bukit Batok Nature Park.


There I met...

Can you spot the monkeys amongst the branches? No chance of me hunting them though...

It was our first time at the park and we all savoured the experience. Mummy and Daddy took a couple of pictures.

[rockyou id=75283018&w=324&h=243]

Daddy and I sharing a moment...

Later in the same morning, we went to fetch my grandma back from the hair dressers. There I met Sassy and Maggie!

It was really nice meeting you!

Oh, and Luckie mentioned about the same top that we both have. Here's mine!


geosen said...

You look great in your Winnie the Pooh top Reina! I haven't ever seen a monkey in a tree around here on my walkie. I bet that would be quite entertaining!

Love ya lots,

Peanut said...

Oh we love winnie the pooh and it's nice you made some new friends.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina.
My mom and I love your happy face!! Glad you could go to another park for a walkie. Did you like the monkeys?? They are funny!!
I like your top!
Have a nice day

Oscar said...

That park looks amazing, the monkey is just an added bonus!

Oscar x

Ruby said...

I can't believe they wouldn't let you into that park. What are they crazy? I bet you are better behaved than most hoomans! That other park was really beautiful too! The pictures are lovely!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Copper said...

Wow, we just have squirrels in our trees. I love that little heart shlid show thingy. My Mom says you are so cute, it makes her want to get a dachshund puppy. What? a puppy Mom? can we talk?

Luckie The Dachie said...

Hey Reina,
Huh..I didn't knew dogs were not allowed in parks! sheesh...But you still had a good time didn't you?
Let's hope for good weather this weekend. Maybe can go Bontanic Gardens again. :)
PS : You look wayyy better in that top compared to me!!

Mona,Jacks, Toby too!! said...

Wow Reina...we LOVE your heart shaped slide show. Your beauty shines through on all your pictures. Jacks said he told us all along you were special and he is right.

Can we have your paw prints so we can say we knew you when you just a puppy.

Love from all of us not just Jacks!!

Boo said...

monkeys! i have seen one before at grandma. that cheeky monkey at grandma's is scawie. grandma was joking he might took me away with him. hehehe.

wet wet licks


Girl girl said...

I hope those monkeys were friendly to you. They look kinda scary to me. So nice that you meet doggie friends at the hair dresser. You look very cute smiling for the pic in your shirt

~ girl girl

Joe Stains said...

monkeys seem kind of scary to me! your pictures are great, you are soo cute!

chester said...

oooooh looks like you had lotsa fun!!! :)

p.s my human says you're such a cutie!!!

Fei & E said...

Hello Reina
Nice to meet you. You are a cutie! Why hadn't I discovered your blog before??
We used to live in Singapore and we like Bukit Timah Hill. Missing the comfortable weather and cheap eats in Singapore!

Fei and Eve(the human)

Suki said...

I don't like monkeys. Can't trust 'em. They always have something nasty planned, don't you think?

You look bootiful in that top, Reina ;)
Puggy kisses

Pippin said...

Reina! parks banning dogs sound absolutely stupid. good to hear you went to a nature park. did you put the fright into the monkeys? just let them know that they live because you allow them to :) In Scandinavia we have dogs that have been bred for marking/barking at birds in trees (so the hunter can find the birds and shoot them), do the same concept exist for monkeys in asia? :-)

reinadoxie said...


In Singapore, for sure that concept doesn't exist because hunting is illegal. Guns are also not allowed here. Only the military and defence forces carry them.

I'm not sure abt other areas in Asia though.

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