Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Growing up and dilemmas

Its been a while since my first jab. Since then, I've completed all three rounds of my vaccinations. Hurray!

Looking back, I used to weigh 2kg. Now, I've put on more than half of that weight. 3.2 kg was my last recorded weight  about 6 weeks ago. Now probably more!

I've also got myself microchipped in case any bad guys decide to kidnap me and not return me to Mummy and Daddy. That way, if the kidnappers are silly enough to bring me to a vet, they'll be caught! Or if there is any dispute over my identity, the chip solves it all. Coincidently, it is also a new ruling here in Singapore that all dogs have to be microchipped before they are issued licenses.

I swear that the chipping hurts more than the vaccinations. My chip wound was bleeding for a few minutes before it stopped after the helpful nurse attended to me. Thank goodness, no more jabs in the imminent future.

Mummy and Daddy are contemplating if they should sterilise me. On one hand they hope for the continual of bloodline, little Reinas in the making. It will be all so wonderful to have children and for them, grandchildren! On the other hand, they're not sure if they can cope with my pregnancy and the menstrual periods.Plus, the whole sterilisation process seems really scary.

I have created a short poll. Do help them out with your opinions.

Should I be spayed? (click on answer to vote)

1) Yes, I think you should.
2) No, you don't have to. Keep it natural.

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Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina.
I've heard about that new rule there in Singapore and I think is good for you all there. Here that kind of rules don't work! Most of the vets here don't have devices to check microchips!
About sterilise you it depends of what you mom and dad want. My mom chose to spay me because I had lots of problems with my first hot season so the vet said it was the best. And my mom says that one period was enough for her!
Have a good night

Girl girl said...

Oh Reina, you're growing up to be a pretty lady. :)
I'm not too sure about the spay thingy but I say whatever your parents think is right for you and that is managable for them

~ Girl girl

Precious said...

Hi Reina, my sista chose to sterilise me after she check out the nasty problems linking to unsterilised dogs and also the difficulties during pregnancy. That frightened her enough. Hehe.


Pippin said...

Here in Norway are very few dogs sterilised. I think your parents should think about it very carefully before they take away your chance to have puppies. My mummy's brother has a female dog that is not sterilised and there have been no problems at all with menstruation, other than a bit of blood on furniture now and again. Her brother's dog is now around 10 years old too.
Hugs Pippin

simba said...

In the UK there are so many homeless doggies already humans are encouraged to have their doggies done and not make more puppies.

Simba xx

chester said...

i was microchipped when i was tiny too and man, it hurt! i hope your chip wound doesn't hurt anymore!!!

i think spaying for female doggies is a good idea....my human's first doggie died because of a uterine infection and whenever anyone asks for her opinion on this issue, she will definitely say YES YES YES! BUT, the ultimate decision lies with your mummy and daddy though!

Ruby said...

I love puppies, but like Simba said, there are so many homeless pups to go around. It's a lot of work for your Mom and Dad to help you have puppies, so you really need to be sure this is something you want to do. Either way I will support your decision...that's what friends are for!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Pippin's Dad said...


I think you raise two separate issues here, whether to spay and whether or not to get puppies. Spaying is a medical intervention with a certain risk, and in Norway it is rarely done to purebreds without a medical reason or behavioural issues. Anxiety about a bit of blood or menstrual periods are generally not adequate. For cross-breeds or unregistered dogs it is more common to spay/neuter as they're generally not meant to be bred.

So the next issues, whether to breed or not to breed. There are three ways to go about this. The sentimental way "My dog is so cute, I want her to have puppies", and the economical way "There is an untapped market in fashionable small dogs, I can earn money" or the proper way "My dog has special verifiable qualities that will be of benefit to the breed at large so her qualities should make it into new puppies." Needless to say, the sentimental way of breeding provides no benefit to anyone and especially not the dog. The economical way at least provides benefits to the owners but doesn't care about the dog. The last one cares about the dog and the breed's qualities, as you want to get dachsies of quality. Dog shows are to check that the exterior is of breedable quality, in most countries a dog needs to have gotten an exterior check in order for the puppies to be registered. Then there are the other qualities, e.g in scandinavia dachsies are bred for hunting so here it is recommended that the dog has proven adept at hunting (trials) in order to be bred from. And to become a champion, even dog-show/exterior champion, the dachsie must have gotten several high-ranked prizes at hunting trials. That might not be so relevant in Singapore, but we all want dachsies that show dachsie temper and skills and testing them is important. E.g some breed on cute dachsies that are afraid or nervous, whereas a proper dachsie isn't afraid, how could they be afraid when a proper-bred dacshie is bred to face an angry badger in it's den? Anyway, it's far too early to think of puppies, you just have a puppy and have no idea what she'll be like when she grows up. It's easy to get puppies, but hard to do it responsibly.

And good thing about the microchipping, it's the rule here too. And with dachsies follow their noses, sometimes they get lost in the wilderness here ;)


Boo said...

reina, yes yes, the microchip jab was soooooooooo huge mom told me the needle looks like a noodle! LOL

wet wet licks


Clover said...

Hi Reina, glad your jabs are over for now. I have two more vaccination jabs to go... then the big microchipping jab - but I will get that when I am spayed... so hopefully it won't hurt! The spaying issue really is a big one, all over the world. I agree with what Ruby said. I love puppies, but the number of dogs and puppies without homes all over the world makes me very sad. Especially when those dogs have to be put down. So my vote is for "spay" but it is definitely a personal choice, and I will stand by you too, whatever your choice!
Love Clover xo

Maggie said...

You got a lot of great responses Reina! I agree that the decision is your mom and dad's to make after careful consideration.

Love ya lots,

Copper said...

Puppies are overrated.

Ricky said...

Hi Reina,

My mommy had both of my sisters spayed and eek I am scheduled to be neutered in 3 weeks! We agree that you are perfect and adorable though, so it should be your mommy and daddy's personal decision. My mommy agrees though, that there are so many puppies in shelters that no one wants to adopt, so she figures instead of having puppies, we can rescue more lonely dachshies! That is how mommy got me and my sisters Lucy & Chloe!

Joe Stains said...

Oh we think getting fixed is an ok thing because there are a lot of doggies out there that need homes already! not that a million little reinas wouldnt be the cutest thing ever!

ume said...

hi Reina,
my Jiejie doesnt face this dilemma, there's oni 1 choice for me, n dats to spay! cos i've inherent skin probs, n i'm not exactly the pwettiest silky out there. n with the HDB ruling in SG, Jiejie can oni have 1 pup at a time, so she would rather adopt n give a homeless pup a gd home n a new life.

Chilli the Dog said...

Hiya Cutie Pie,

Can I call you cutie pie! You're so small and cute! Your mummy and daddy made a good decision to microchip you. With the microchippy thing going on I guess the vets are more likely to scan especially if news is out about a lost puppy. I was microchipped too! Mummy didnt know this when I was adopted but discovered it when she contemplated getting me microchipped.

As for the spay thingy, mummy read up lots about spaying and not and the complications with unsterilised dogs and medical conditions they may get and made the decision to do it. (of course the bonus in savings for the licence is a big boost :))

But ultimately the decision will depend on your pawrents!

Wet licks


Sparky said...

Hi Reina, you got microchipped, eh? Cool!

It's entirely up to your humans about whether you get spayed or not, but if it was my choice I'd say get spayed. 'Cause lots of dogs don't get spayed and more and more of them are going into shelters with their days numbered. So I think if anyone wants a pup, they should rescue one from the shelter. =)


Hana the Dog said...

Microchipped? My mom has been thinking today about that, so it's interesting you have a blog on microchipping. Did it really hurt that badly and was it bleeding that long? Now you have me scared!!! I don't know if I want to be microchipped now.

I think Stig brought up a lot of good points. Most breeders will breed their dogs to enhance the breed's good qualities. They match the boy dog with the girl dog very carefully and lots of planning is involved to come up with the desired characteristics. But, here in the US, there are a lot of homeless doggies and it is very sad. Well, I am a purebred dog and I came from a reputable breeder. Her dogs have won at Westminster which is the top honors of honors. So, I am at a loss of what to recommend. Good luck in your family's decision.

ferndoggle said...

Little Reinas would be very cute! But there are a lot of things to consider. I'm sure everypup gave you lots of food for thought but our Mom thinks that if a dog is to have puppies there are so many factors to consider. Plus...puppies are a TON of work.

I think your folks will make the right decision for you.