Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Let's get Nostalgic

Hello everyone! I'm a good 6 months old today! In conjuction with my "half-pawday", I've come up with a new Tag game. 

Every once in a while, I like to look back and reflect on the past, especially those sweeter memories.

I remember the first time daddy and mummy came to see me. It was at the bottom of my original mummy's block. She had taken me out on one hand ( I was that small!). When she put me down on the ground, I was first very apprehensive! I was shivering and my tail retracting. But it didn't take long before I got comfortable and took my first tiny little steps towards daddy and hid under his legs.

I remember my first trip on daddy's car that night. I was laying on mummy's lap. It was a short ride home, but I remember leaving her a "warm welcome" that surprisingly and ironically did not piss anyone one off.

I remember how I was given my first toy that night. Baldy pig and how I started chewing on him straight away. I remember  when mummy and I played our first rounds of fetch!

I remember how I used to cry every other hour when I realised that the room was dark and I could not see mummy and daddy. Daddy would come down from his bed to hug me. Gradually, mummy would put down her leg from the bed to let me know of her presence.

These are sweet memories from the beginning to me.

Dear friends, do you remember the first time you got to meet your daddy and mummy?

I tag my friends Lorenza, Joe Stains, Boo, Luckie and Precious to recall and share about their very first days or nights!

Let's all get nostalgic! =)

(Do tag someone else after sharing so we can all get to read abt how the other encounters were like!) =P


ume said...

dats a veri sweet post, Reina! u r no longer dat palm-sized pup, but a big girl now! HAPPEE HALF-PAWDAY!!!

Precious said...

Hi Reina, did you grow bigger in size? You're really small in size and very friendly too. =)

Thanks for tagging me. I'll work on it as soon as I work on my other tags. Oh boy, I'm so lacking behind.


Maggie said...

awwwwwwww what wonderful memories you have Reina!

Love ya lots,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina.
Happy Half Birthday!!!
I like this new tag game. Sure we all have great memories of those first days at our new homes!!
Have a nice day!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Reina,
What good timing! In a couple more days, it will be my one year anniversary since I arrived in Singapore and followed my parents home. I guess it'd be a good time to bring back those memories! :)

Ricky said...

Hi Reina,

Just wanted to let you know I changed my URL to reflect the antics of my new sister! If you click on this picture of me it should take you to my new URL. :)


pacco said...

wat a good memory...
hmm...i'm nearly 3 yrs old...couldn't hardly remember wat's d feeling when i 1st reach my home...

Girl girl said...

That sounds very sweet. Happy 6 months old Reina. :)

~ Girl girl

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Reina,
Hee..I think the hoomans were had a lot more tolerance when we were puppies.. I got away with chewing up a $50 bill, some expensive textbooks and all they said were: 'Aww.. it's ok, I just hope he doesn't get a tummy upset..' Now, I think it'd be BAAAAAAAAAAD Boy *pouts*

simba said...

What happy memories. We are very lucky doggies.

Simba xx

Boo said...

oops! reina, thanks for tagging me. i think i have err... 3 tags to do now. *tongue*

your memory is soooooooo sweet. you left a surprising gift to mom while lying on her lap? hehehehe. mom brought me home alone and i was in the crate. i peed in there! oops!

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

This was such a COOL post! We will update this stuff tomorrow with another tag we got, THANKS for tagging us!

Boy n Baby said...

Those are really sweet memories. You must be so scared then

Clover said...

Hi Reina,
Thanks for sharing those memories with us, and happy half bark-day! Do you have any pictures from when you were that tiny?
Love Clover