Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ohayo Gozaimasu

Yesterday, daddy and mummy brought me to the Japanese Garden. Well, almost. You see, the Garden do not allow pets (Another silly park that does not allow pets.) so we decided to walk along the outskirts of the park, which surprisingly offered quite a good dose of scenic views.

I took some time off to enjoy the scenary.

Thought about a couple of things in life.

Then something caught my attention.

What the heck is that?!?!?! I sent daddy to take a closer look.

It was a monitor lizard having dinner. I didn't know they eat fish though.Hmmm..


Boo said...

ah reina, guess what? there was one of those monster lizard i met during my walkie couple of days ago! the lizard was running away, fortunately no din din in his mouth!

wet wet licks


simba said...

That beautiful, I was going to ask if you went in the water, but maybe not with dragons in it.

Simba x

Roxie, Sammy & Andy said...

Watch out for that lizard, Reina. He might think you are the right size for dinner and then you would have to hurt him.

That picture of Singapore across the lake is beautiful. Somebody in your family is very talented!

Luckie said...

Hey Reina,
You sure have very smart eyes! Did you try chasing the lizard?

Precious said...

Scawie lizard! I've never seen a lizard as big as this before!


iva said...

Thats a beautiful walk...!

Lorenza said...

Ji, Reina
That is a great place. Too bad you were not allowed there!! What size is that huge lizard?? Glad you didn't get to close!!
Have a good night

Joe Stains said...

woaaah that lizard is CREEPY! I think he is shaped a lot like you, though :) Mom cant remember if she gave you our address but you can email me at rjudeich1 @ cox. net and she will send it to you!

Girl girl said...

Reina, that lizard looks scary. It looks like it might eat me up too.

Chiyo said...

ohayoo reina! :) eeeew thank doG it's a fish, i almost thought it was a duck in the lizard's jaws! imagine what that thing could do to a little dog like us!


Huskee Boy said...

OMdoG.. that lizards quite big!! It had a fish in his mouth?? Did he catch it from the lake?? He likes sashimi??

Boy n Baby said...

We also didnt know that they eat fish.

Hana the Dog said...

That sure is a BIG lizard!!! Be safe, Reina!!!