Saturday, July 10, 2010

The iPhone

Have you heard of the iPhone? Mum has this mobile device apparantly produced by some fruit company. According to the hoomans, this swanky little device redefines the mobile phone generation today. It boasts an apps store that has thousands of useful and entertaining applications,including games that users can buy or download for free onto their iPhones. Before I start sounding like some wannabe technical review writer, let's get down to today's business.

Here's Torres with the blink wink. How neat is that? He doesn't have that effect in reality, so the iPhone camera application effect came into good use this time round. *Winks*

Okay, I was kidding. He does have that special look in his eyes, doesn't he?

Oops, blooper alert. I was caught off guard in this one. I swear it was the meat stuck between my teeth!


Some food for thought. The iPhone was probably named as such because, like what Simon Cowell enjoys calling some of his contestants, self indulgent. Ever noticed how often hoomans these days whip their iPhones out and start playing games or accessing their virtual applications, blocking themselves out of the actual world that is going on around them? It's not really our style. We prefer doggie and human contact, or in lay hooman terms, socialising.

Till the next entry, take care everyone!

P.S Come on Spain! Go Torres!


Lorenza said...

Those iPhones are interesting!
But I am glad my mom does not have one!
When that happens with my lip... my mom calls me Cold Teeth!
Have a great weekend
Kisses and hugs

Ruby & Penny said...

Hi Reina & Torres
Thought we would come by to say hi. We are 2 mini dachshunds from Canada.
You two are adorable.
Love Ruby & Penny
Pees - mom has an iphone

Twix said...

OMD! You two are so cute! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me today. And for the encouraging words. I love making new doxie furiends!

Mona & ther Mommym too!! said...

Hi Reina & Torres,

Congraulations, Torres, on Spain winning the championnship.
We remember one of your posts, Reina, when you was in a swiming pool and didn 't want to get our. Seeing you at the beach reminded us of that time. Jacks woulod have loved seeing you swim again.

It was kinda hard to tell who is who anymore but you still number 1 in ur boodk.


DoDo & MoMo said...

Hope to meet ya 2 soon ^^;

We Three Doxies said...

Hellos ya'll! Nice to meet other doxies.
I loves dat little twinkle in your eye...hehehe.
Uh, dat certificate on my blog was a total fake...just between us though...shhhhhhh, don't tell nobuddy.