Wednesday, May 30, 2007

8 Facts about myself

I was tagged by Copper to share 8 facts about myself. So here goes!

1. I will bring my toy and sit near Mommy & Daddy to induce them to play with me

2. I like to put small things that I find on the floor into my mouth. Mommy would go :" Reina! What are you eating!!!" and Daddy would run over and ply open my mouth to check. :S

3. I love digging, but there isn't really much for me to dig at home. :(  For now, I'll resort to digging mummy's belly button :)

4. I am a Mob/Mafia/Gangster dog because i growl at anyone that has intentions of snatching my toys.  The growl intensifies especially when I'm biting on the toy.

5. I am not a Mob/Mafia/Gangster dog because I whine and cry when I'm left alone and don't see Mommy and Daddy around.

6. When mommy or daddy closes the door and leaves the room, I will sit by the door and wait till they return. But if they take too long.....(refer to fact no. 5)

7. Chasing and pouncing on fast moving mops, brooms and cloths is one of my favorite past time.

8.  Sometimes, I would go on a mad dash in the room. High speed in a self designed obstacle course. Under the chair, over daddy's lap, through the table, to the door and back to where we started. This never fails to amuse daddy and mommy.

Since most of my friends have already been tagged to share, I tag Nachos to share 8 facts about herself!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina. Thanks for sharing your facts with us.
# 2? The same happens with me and my mom!
They don't understend that we have to taste everything!
Have a nice day

Luckie The Dachie said...

Hey Reina,
I enjoy chasing mops too..until Mom gets pi**ed off with me of course and then she makes me STAY. Crappy huh?
Dad took the birds pictures at the Jurong Bird Park and those insects were from the Bontanic Gardens. We do go there very often for walkies.
If we do get a chance to meet, Dad would be snapping our piktures nonstop!! :)

Peanut said...

Hey we call #8 the Boxer burn. Maybe you should call it the doxie burn.

reinadoxie said...

Mummy & Daddy can't wait to bring me to Botanic Gardens. All gotta wait till i get rest of the jabs :(
They were talking about having a family pinic there, all three of us! hehehe