Monday, July 29, 2013

The Pawfect Weekend

We were out and about meeting new friends last weekend. The weather was beautiful with clear blue skies and bright warm sunshine. It was the pawfect weather for a hike/tramp (as they call it in New Zealand).

We met heaps of new friends.

Meeting new friends
For our long time fans, you'll know how much we love swimming and the sea. We suffer from the occasional identity crisis - wondering if we're actually really otters in dogs' clothing.

After more than a year away from the waters, we finally found ourselves swimming again, only this time, our first experience in New Zealand waters.

In New Zealand waters
The feeling is same same but different. We were at the Pauatahanui inlet along the Camborne walkway. Clear water with very light currents made very safe conditions for us two light-weight doxies.

The feeling is same same but different
In hind sight, the biggest difference with swimming here and back in Singapore must be the climate. It's so much colder here. Someone please invent a doggie wet suit.

Wet suit anyone?
Still, we wouldn't complain because this is where we truly belong. 

Where we belong.
It was the pawfect activity for a pawfect weekend. Must have shed off some pounds from all that tramping and swimming. :)

The pawfect activity.
How was your weekend my fellow doggie pals?



Lovable Lily said...

Well we can tell you, your weekend was much better than ours! You got to go swimming. That is my favorite thing to do.

So glad you Otter's had a great time :)

Lily Belle (& Muffin too!)

Ruby said...

Holy cows!! You guys DO look like otters!! BOL
Well, you can borrow some of my furs to keeps you warm in the water!
We Airedales are water dogs (part Otterhound ya know?!), butts, I don't like water. I know!! I'm just a freak...I prefer to stay nice and dry. I do like watchin' you guys swim though..almost makes me wanna go in...okay, maybe not...
Ruby ♥