Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dog Run

Being natural born runners, we love our runs. TGIW (Thank God It's the Weekend). We love our weekends because it's our best chance of getting a good solid workout. Especially during Winter when the days are shorter and nights are longer, the likelihood of us going for a long walk on weekdays is almost zero. Yes hoomans, be very ashamed.

Just the other day, one of our friends on our Facebook page asked if there are many dog run parks in New Zealand - Fenced up spaces that allow K9s like us to go crazy.

There are but not many. There is however a whole lot of open space for us to do our running. Hoomans here are generally very receptive of us doggies. No crazy kid jumping on the chair and screaming at us. I cannot remember the number of times strangers have come up to me and said "oohhh, sooo cutteeee". Not that I blame them, I can totally understand why. :)

Just behind our place is this massive field.

Like the treadmill, comes with different gradient levels.

Run Reina Run

Not far away is a football field.

Trying our best... do our famous namesakes proud
Also, I have to mention this other game that is undoubtedly New Zealand's number one sport. The hoomans call it Rugby. I've seen it on the telly and I appreciate the aggression. I reckon with our speed and low center of gravity, we could do really well in it. Suarez thinks so too.

Reina (Me) : "Did you know that the New Zealand Rugby team is also known as the All Blacks."

Suarez: "We will totally fit in then."

Reina : "__"

Plenty of space to run

We like it
My fellow doggie pals, have you gotten your runs lately?

Keep crazy and run on,


Ruby said...

OMD! That is like puppy HEAVEN!! I would LOVE to go runnin' in that green grasses! Wows, I am all kinds of jealous of you guys....
Well, then again, I have TERRIBLE recall, so Ma probably would never gets me to come back! BOL
Still, a pup can dream!

Lovable Lily said...

Holy toldeo.... What a beautiful place to let loose and run your little leg's off!

Now I know how you stay in shape :)

Lily Belle & Muffin

Miss Reina said...

I know! The green grass is pawfect! Having said that, we had 3 straight days of rain and thunderstorm. :X