Monday, July 29, 2013

The Pawfect Weekend

We were out and about meeting new friends last weekend. The weather was beautiful with clear blue skies and bright warm sunshine. It was the pawfect weather for a hike/tramp (as they call it in New Zealand).

We met heaps of new friends.

Meeting new friends
For our long time fans, you'll know how much we love swimming and the sea. We suffer from the occasional identity crisis - wondering if we're actually really otters in dogs' clothing.

After more than a year away from the waters, we finally found ourselves swimming again, only this time, our first experience in New Zealand waters.

In New Zealand waters
The feeling is same same but different. We were at the Pauatahanui inlet along the Camborne walkway. Clear water with very light currents made very safe conditions for us two light-weight doxies.

The feeling is same same but different
In hind sight, the biggest difference with swimming here and back in Singapore must be the climate. It's so much colder here. Someone please invent a doggie wet suit.

Wet suit anyone?
Still, we wouldn't complain because this is where we truly belong. 

Where we belong.
It was the pawfect activity for a pawfect weekend. Must have shed off some pounds from all that tramping and swimming. :)

The pawfect activity.
How was your weekend my fellow doggie pals?


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Encounter with a Pony

We were out and about on our routine walk earlier today. The hoomans were a bit more adventurous, opting for a new route. It totally messed up our "pee-mail" updates (doggie pals you know what I mean) but was all worthwhile when we stumbled upon this interesting place.

Suarez: "Whoah, look at that huge dog!"

Reina: "Bro, that's a pony."
It was our first encounter with a pony. With those legs of theirs, I can just imagine just how fast they can go. They look pretty friendly. Maybe one day, we'll get more up close and personal....or maybe not.

How was your weekend my fellow doggy pals?


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Save Our Street Dogs

We came across this video on YouTube recently that moved us to tears. It never once crossed our mind that mankind would detest us so much. According to the video, everyday in Singapore, people complain about the number of stray dogs on the streets, accusing them of being a nuisance and endangering public safety. Dogs have been reported to chase and attack random humans, motorists and cyclists. As a result, the authorities have been rounding up  and capturing stray dogs. Of the many captured, only a few are adopted or re-homed, the rest? Put to sleep. Unbelievable.

This must be the biggest misunderstanding ever. I really don't think there is a dog out there that was born to chase or attack a human without any reason. There must be a reason for the dog to chase or attack, if it ever did so. My fellow dog mates, I'm sure you know what I mean. How many times have we encountered that sickening sniggering human that goes "woof woof" when they see us. Watching those silly humans try to speak our language just makes me want to laugh. Unfortunately for them humans, not all dogs see the funny side of it. Some see it as a taunt and react by chasing.

Or do you remember the umpteen times when a human goes : " Be careful, don't go near the dog or else it'll bite you." Sure, be careful what you wish for...

Us dogs, we just want to be fed and loved. In return, we wag out tails and lick with our tongues. It's just that simple. We love our owners probably more than we love ourselves. And really, while we are a part of our owner's world, our owners mean the whole world to us.

It pains us to see how dogs can be misunderstood and even more so, when random dogs are captured and punished  just because of some human complains....with death.

Save Our Street Dogs is an initiative set up to save the stray dogs in Singapore and we applaud them for their hard work. Do check them out and give your support.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thuderstorm Aftermath

When the hoomans say that at the end of a storm is a golden sky, they forgot to mention the mess on the ground.

Suarez in shock.
"I hope they don't make me clear up the mess"
Reina: "What are you looking for hooman? Clear up the mess!"
After three days of intense thunderstorm, we were finally let out of our misery indoors only to be greeted by a pile of fallen leaves all over our deck. We were fortunate as compared to other households in the city that had roofs blown off. Fallen leaves paled in comparison.

To the tune of who let the dogs out, we were unleashed into the open to expand the energy accumulated in our tiny but very nurturing frames over the past three days. And there was the golden sky.

Suarez vs Reina, 1 on 1.

Suarez attempting the step over.
Suarez fancies going in goal.
You have no idea what it meant to be out there in the open after three days of confinement indoors. Like how they say it back in Singapore, "Shiok ah".


Friday, June 21, 2013

Where is the Love?

Dear friends and fans,

We read about the haze currently affecting Singapore and it looks really terrible. We remember the last time it happened when we were there, the PSI level was in the 100+ plus range (unhealthy). Just today, it breached 400, which is way beyond the scale and considered hazardous. We thought it was bad then and now that it's 4 times worse, we can't imagine what it's like.

We are also very shocked at how self interested these hoomans can be. The haze is caused by irresponsible mass burning of forests in Sumatra, Indonesia. Apparently, it's the best way to prepare soil for new crops. Well, obviously not. Just look at (or smell) how much environmental damage has been done.

The haze has also led to a mad rush to pharmacies and departmental stores islandwide for face masks. We couldn't believe when we read about how rogue hoomans were cashing in during the crisis and jacking up prices and selling face masks at 2,3,4 and maybe even more times the original price!

We were also stunned by reports of sightings of stray cats and birds losing their lives because of the haze. Sometimes, just by looking at how the hoomans handle their problems make us feel sad. Hoomans have a lot to learn from us. They must also understand that we are all sharing and a part of the same world. 

On another note, while there was no haze to hit Wellington, we were hit by the worst thunderstorm in several decades. The hoomans were clever enough to go for a late night movie yesterday and had to travel through the thunderstorm at its peak. Fortunately, they made it home safe. A very apt Singaporean saying to describe them, "backside itchy, nothing to do, find trouble".

Right now, we're still coming to terms with the brunt of Winter.

Mr Heater's our best friend.
We're never too far away.
To our friends and fans in Singapore,

Keep calm and breathe on,

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dog Run

Being natural born runners, we love our runs. TGIW (Thank God It's the Weekend). We love our weekends because it's our best chance of getting a good solid workout. Especially during Winter when the days are shorter and nights are longer, the likelihood of us going for a long walk on weekdays is almost zero. Yes hoomans, be very ashamed.

Just the other day, one of our friends on our Facebook page asked if there are many dog run parks in New Zealand - Fenced up spaces that allow K9s like us to go crazy.

There are but not many. There is however a whole lot of open space for us to do our running. Hoomans here are generally very receptive of us doggies. No crazy kid jumping on the chair and screaming at us. I cannot remember the number of times strangers have come up to me and said "oohhh, sooo cutteeee". Not that I blame them, I can totally understand why. :)

Just behind our place is this massive field.

Like the treadmill, comes with different gradient levels.

Run Reina Run

Not far away is a football field.

Trying our best... do our famous namesakes proud
Also, I have to mention this other game that is undoubtedly New Zealand's number one sport. The hoomans call it Rugby. I've seen it on the telly and I appreciate the aggression. I reckon with our speed and low center of gravity, we could do really well in it. Suarez thinks so too.

Reina (Me) : "Did you know that the New Zealand Rugby team is also known as the All Blacks."

Suarez: "We will totally fit in then."

Reina : "__"

Plenty of space to run

We like it
My fellow doggie pals, have you gotten your runs lately?

Keep crazy and run on,

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dog Of Many Names

Today's blog entry is dedicated to my younger brother, Suarez. During the four years which I've known him, he must have had at least half a dozen nicknames or alternative handles given to him by various people. For a dog of his size, that's a lot of names. The names are all legit, Suarez acknowledges and responds to them.

Torres (Tower of Strength)
Originally named after the much celebrated Spanish striker when he joined Liverpool Football Club (LFC). Also means tower of strength in Spanish.

Suarez (Suave)
The hoomans had to change names considering the sour manner in which Torres left LFC. Not before Suarez himself agreeing to it of course. Also means suave in Spanish.

"Bu-Oh" (Black)
Hainanese dialect for Black. Nickname given by original then hoomans before he was adopted by now hoomans. Motivation behind name is visually self explanatory.

"Orh Kim"
"Orh Kim" (Black gold)
Hokkien dialect for Black gold. Name given by a hooman grandma because he is good as gold and as black as can be. Other motivations behind the name include bringing good luck to the household, especially on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday evenings in Singapore. Now Saturday evenings in New Zealand.

"Hei Hei"
"Hei Hei" (Black Black)
Beginning to spot a pattern here? Nickname given by a hooman neighbor. Means black in Mandarin. Reminds me of my past encounter with two swans.

Accidental name given as a result of a hooman uncle's inability to pronounce Suarez in Spanish correctly. Meaning unknown but quite possibly contains strong Indian influence.

"Sua neh"

"Sua neh"
Another result of poor pronunciation. This time, by a hooman's mum. Meaning unknown and could sound quite unpleasant when announced in public.

And there you go, the many faces and names behind my little bro.