Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Naughty girl

Daddy and mummy introduced this term to me and recently I have been having seperation anxiety lessons. The lessons have been progressive, ranging from short half hr seperation exercises to long 4 hr breaks.  

My score card so far though, has been fluctuating. Sometimes, I leave the room in perfect condition when my parents are out, but on other times, the room is left in a complete mess. I whine and cry when my parents are not around.  

Today, Mummy came home fuming mad. She didn't manage to take a picture of the "Crime Scene" as she was too angry. All she did was put me in my carrier and do all the cleaning. It was the worst mess.

She had no idea i can actually reach to the Computer table.  I pull down lots of stuffs from the table. The one that got mummy really upset was her Specs. I crushed her specs and she came home only to find fragments of glasses on the floor... the only remainings of the specs is the frame.

The longest i am away from my parents is 8hrs, which is today. I ransacked the room.

Maybe because i am still a baby... i am still learning to deal with the seperation.

I know mummy is worried that i might swallow some of the glasses. I am not too sure about it myself.


Oscar said...

Woah Reina, that was some job you did on the glasses! Be careful or you could really hury yourself. Can mum not keep you in a crate or somewhere with a baby gate like the kitchen so that you can get at less stuff? That's what I used to do, now I am trusted to stay downstairs on my own, still not free reign of the house.

Oscar x

simba said...

Try and trash things that won't injure you. Has your Mummy tried hiding treats for you to find while she is out?

Simba xx

Boo said...

hey reina, sad to hear the news. have your hooman try the play pen yet? since you are still a puppy, you might be teething so it is best to keep you in the playpen coz you never know what will happen while no body's home. i was in my play pen for the first month and once my family know i won't destroy anything or have accident anywhere, they let me out of the pen.

good luck with it.

wet wet licks


ferndoggle said...

Reina, I used to trash the house when my folks left me alone too. I was in my crate until I was 3 years old! They had to really "Penny Proof" the house before they left because I would eat everything. One time I chewed the cap off a soda bottle & Mom came home to brown soda all over the living room!! It was on the ceiling, walls, carpet...I got in big trouble.

Maybe you're just not ready yet.


Peanut said...

You might need a crate or a pen or something. I am over 3 and still have to be in my crate when my parents are gone because I would get into everything if I wasn't.

Luckie said...

Hey Reina,
I hope you are feeling's normal for such accidents to happen. I live in my play pen when my hoomans go to work and it's usually between 8am to around 7-8pm. I don't mess up my play pen though cos I have left with lots of toys and a rawhide to keep myself busy. But once Mom lets me roam free (and it was only the kitchen), I do all sorts of crazy stuffs. hehee....Too happy with my newfound freedom. So it's back to the playpen. I made snow with toilet paper once and I think they nearly went NUTS. And that's not even mentioning about my poop poop and pee pee accidents..LOL!
but I guess a play pen will work for you. It's to keep you safe alright?
PS : Your Mom can leave you her t-shirt and maybe leave some lights or music on for you. My Mom left my dad's old t-shirt (tied into one big knot for me to play with - I usually get it undone when they are home) and I have lights on for me. No music though..I gotta work on that.

reinadoxie said...

Hi all!
Thanks for all the suggestions! Mummy & Daddy are fast to react and got me a play pen, so i guess no more in the room with the fan and music on :P
I will bug daddy to leave me one of his old shirt for me. I like to smell him hehehe

Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina.
I am so sorry about your accident with the specs. I hope you didn't swallow any glass! I've never been alone for such period of time so I can't give your parents any advice but that play pen sounds like a good idea for you. I hope that separation anxiety goes away soon!
Have a nice day

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh poor Reina...hope the glass doesn't hurt your tummy! Yikes. Glad you parents took care of everything and go you a place you won't get hurt!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Dachsies Rule said...


We stay in jail all day when Mom is at work. It's a big jail that we can move around in and we are all together so it's not too bad. Mom tried leaving us out but we ripped the backing off of a rug and chewed on the pillows on the sofa so that was the end of that.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy