Thursday, August 30, 2007

Don Reina

I've been tagged by my friend Putter to play the middle name game.

Here are the rules,

1. Post the rules before you give the facts. (Listen up Pups, these are the Rules!!)

2. List one fact that is somehow relevant to you and your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

3. When you are tagged you need to write your post using your middle name and facts about it.

4. At the end of your post choose one dog to tag for each letter of your middle name. Be sure to let each puppy know she/he has been tagged. (It’s ok if you don’t do this, just tag who you want to tag!).
I have a few nick names. Sausage dog, Crazy dog, Your dog (When I mess up the place), Orh Kim (Black Gold) to list a few.  But the true middle/nick name remains "Don". (After Don Vito and Don Michael Corleone)

Because I'm actually quite a Daredevil, daring in every sense of the word.

O for Organised crime. (no I'm only kidding.) I meant that I'm quite an organised eater. I like to start from one point on my food and work my way from there.

N for Naughty girl (according to my parents.) I like to make offers that they cannot refuse. I have this innocent look that I can carry off whenever needed. You have no idea how well this works. =P

Alas, to further stake my case as Don, here is a picture of proof.

Now, I'll like to tag my friends Dachies Rule(Roxie, Sammy and Andy), Orson and Nikita to play the middle name game!


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Reina...
(ROFL).. The Dogfather??!
Yeah, I also become 'Your son' when I am in trouble...

Joe Stains said...

I don't think you are naughty at all, I parents are so rude!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Reina,
Wow, that pikture of you as the Dogfather scares me. I promise I won't mess with you. You can have my water bowl, my bed and my toys!! Please don't hurt me! hehe..

Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina
Are you saying that you are a tough girl?? If that is your style your parents will do whatever you want!

Girl girl said...

Reina, you're not a naughty girl. You're a Nice doggie to me. :)

~ Girl girl

Clover said...

Good words! I love your dogfather picture...hahah.
Love Clover xo

Boy n Baby said...

Hmmm, we dont think you are a notti girl. We think the N means nice.

Boo said...

hahaha, i really thought you organised crime! when i need help might have to call you then. LOl

wet wet licks


Ricky Pepper said...

Hi Reina! You’re not a naughty girl - you're just doing "dog stuff", but the mommies and daddies don't like it because they don't think it's fun. BUT we do!

simba said...

You are the cutest dogfather I have ever seen.

Simba x

Roxie, Sammy & Andy said...

HI, Reina, we juat saw that you tagged us. We will try to get to this as soon as possible. Right now we are reading as many of our friends' blogs as possible. When we were out of town last weekend, everydog must have made entries!!