Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meet Quinnton

Dear friends and fans, allow me to introduce to you my neighbour, Quinnton the Jack Russell.

He's very friendly and not as barky with strangers,  unlike us, we go all yappy and yakky and absolutely drive the hoomans nuts. Quinnton's quite the charm except for...

OCM - Obsessvive Compulsive Marker. That's Quinnton.  Once the gates are open, he embarks on his personal vendetta like a man on a mission. When unmarked/unwatched, he would leave no corner unpeed. If your gates are not closed, prepare your mops or kitchen papers, OCM will dash in and leave his mark. He is so fast that you cannot stop him. I remember once poor Lil Suarez was by the gate and actually got peed on the head! That was hilarious, yet embarassing...

I'm no physcologist and I don't quite understand why but I'm sure he has his own reasons for his behaviour. Quinnton, we still love you, though you must understand that the OCM nickname will be hard to shake off!

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