Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fun Day!

First, let me say hello to two of my very good looking new friends. Copper & Hershey!

Also! another 3 of my new friends who vowed to revenge for me on Mr. X! *evil grin* Hello Mona, Jack & Toby!

 Today, i went to Nachos's House. Nachos's mum is a good fren of my mummy. We had LOTS of fun!

 This is Nachos. Although Big in size... she really is a sweetheart!~

This is me, very eager to play!

 And please meet Slurpee.... she is the discipline mistress of the house. Keeps following me where ever i go! *urgh*

 All ready to play!~

 Mummy & Friend trying their best to get a group photo of us!~

One reason why i love going to Nachos's place? Her mum bakes human grade treats!!! IT IS SO YUMMY! She is such a great chef! Oh i can't wait to go her house again!

Pippin shared with me a site where Dachshunds belonging to this club are HUNTERS. Wow, looking at this site, i am really proud to be a Dachshund. Confidence level at a all high! hahaha

Mummy told me on my first day at home that i am a German Breed that hunts for badgers.

Now i am reminded by my Dachies friends from Dachies rule of my distinguished ancestry.

Guten Abend!

All & all, i think all dogs, regardless of breed, are LOVABLE! It is no wonder our hoomans adore us sooooo sooooo much! Those who don't, they have no idea what they are missing out *wink*


Peanut said...

Friends and treats. That is a day that can't be beat.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina. Sure you had fun with your friends. Andy enjoying treats too! Great!
Have a nice day

Hana the Dog said...

Those treats look pretty darn good!! Can I have a taste? I wish we could send each other treats through the internet.

Luckie The Dachie said...

Oh Reina,
you should come visit me and bring those treats along. hehehe...
Your friends look very friendly and I wanna go play too!!!!
PS : I like your new blog layout.

Nachos said...

You already post the pics up! I had so much fun on sat, I was so tired after that. I think slurpee was too after following you the whole afternoon.
S only got C to upload the pics yesterday and its in C's computer cos S is so lazy to save in her thumbdrive... I should get her to help me get the photos out soon~