Saturday, May 12, 2007


Me on my Pillow!!! Ain't it sweet???

Blogspot is giving me ALOT of problems! I almost cannot post a new entry... and i cannot view the 3 comments in my previous post and i cannot post a comment on Ruby Bleu's Blog!!!!!

Anyway, its alright, i just hope that blogspot will get it together!

Also, some good news!

- I've been shitting regularly!

- Mummy & Daddy no longer cage in my the big cage, instead they lock me in their bedroom when they are out!!! So i return my favour by whining alot lesser! hee...

All is well but i am still not eating alot of the kibbles.

Today, i've been playing with my water bowl. It is as if i am trying to swin in the water bowl with my two front legs. Mummy was just sitting there observing me with an expression full of Question Marks. Hahahaha


Lorenza said...

Hi Reina! You look so cute in your pillow. Letting you out of the cage means that you are growing up. Be nice and you will get anything you want!
My mom says that a lot of patience is needed to understend how blogger works, but you will find out it.

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Reina - Blogger has been acting up too. Sheesh....Mom says she cannot tahan. Which brand of kibbles do you take?
YOu have very nice features!! I like that pikcture of you on your pillow.

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