Saturday, May 26, 2007

Holding my Head Up High...

Beacuse i am a beautiful Dachshund!

Thank you all of my friends for their kind support. It really comforts me. I shall forget about that whole issue of Mr. X! We dogs are beautiful~

Sings: "I am Beautiful... NO matter what they say!!!!! Words can't bring me down!~~~ *howls*"

I'm surrounded by celebrity-lookalike friends! How cool is that. Daddy says i look like puss in the boots. Puss? Isn't that a cat?


I look like a cat??? *meow*

Tomorrow, i am gonna see my friend Nachos again!!!

She started a blog :

As much as i want to see Nachos, i am really scared of meeting Slurpee again.... she is very fierce :S

Pippin mentioned in her comment that dachshunds in europe are used to track and hunt. Does this explain why i like to dig almost anything? Also, i like to keep my head down and sniff from one end of the room to the other. We are H.U.N.T.E.R.S!

Its Friday today! It means i will get the FULL attention from my mummy & daddy for the next two days! Weeeheeee~

Enjoy your weekend my friends!


Copper said...

Hi Reina, I am a long haired black and tan dachshund from America. You're awfully cute.

Pippin said...

'his' comment :-)

And apparently, a group of american humans have also realised the hunting qualities of us dachsies: should have some information. So keep that head high, or better yet, keep the nose to the ground and sniff out any prey. :)


hershey said...

hi! my name is hershey and i think your adorable! i am a long-haired dachsie and i think that man is mean! there are a lot of people in my neighborhood who say, "what kind of dog is that!?" everytime i go on a walk! they always say, "is that one of those wienie dogs??" we are not wienie dogs, we are dashshunds! and we hunt badgers! uh, what do we have to do to get respect?!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina. You are right! We are hunters. I love to sniff, sniff, sniff everything!
I hope you have a great weekend meeting your friends. Enjoy!
Have a nice day

Hana the Dog said...

Reina, I'm not sure what's worse... looking like a cat or looking like Burl Ives.... my dad says I look like Burl Ives!