Sunday, June 3, 2007

Do you have a picture to share?

Daddy and Mommy are both volunteers at ACRES.  They are part of the team preparing four educational modules for schools in Singapore.

Allow me to give you a short introduction on ACRES, they are a local animal welfare organisation. They run campaigns to improve animal welfare and work towards the eradication of animal abuse. They have rescued more than 170 animals from the illegal animal wildlife trade. Currently, they are in the midst of building Singapore's first wildlife rescue centre, which is scheduled to be completed later this month!

Presently, Daddy and mommy are seeking pictures for one of the educational modules. But because of copyright concerns, they can't just grab any picture off the net. It will be great if you could help them by going through this list and see if there are any photos that you own which you could contribute.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

- A happy dog- running/jumping/wagging tail .
- An elephant family in the wild.
- A group of dolphins in the wild.
- Animal with sad facial expression (primate probably works best).
- Nice picture of pig- looking appealing!
- Cute rat.
- Primates (maybe chimpanzees, macaques) hugging.
- Picture of hen, preferably with other hen/hens.
- Picture of wild bear.
- Bird/s flying free
- Bird in small cage.
- Wild bear.
- Wild snake, preferably in tree.
- Snake in a small tank.
- Dog/ dog running. 
- Sad dog chained up.
- Turtle (or other marine animal) caught up in litter/man-made debris.
- Turtle (or other marine animal-this depends on what picture we can get for the previous slide) swimming free in the ocean.
- Dog.
- Dog being taken for a walk. 
- Wild civet.
- Civet in cage.
- Wild dolphins.
- Dolphin watching in the wild.
- Asiatic black bear.
- Cute rabbit.

Also, does anyone know where they can find realistic and life size animal models? These models should be weatherproof too.

- Long-tailed macaque.
- Slow loris.
- Leopard cat.
- Sunda pangolin.
- Common palm civet.
- Banded leaf monkey.
- Oriental pied hornbill.
- Kingfisher (any species)
- 2 other native birds.
- Reticulated python.
- Whip snake.
- Malayan box turtle.
- Monitor lizard.

Do help if you can! You can get me at,

 Thank you all my dear friends!


Putter said...

Hi Reina!

Thanks for coming by my blog to say hi! It is nice to meet you for sure! Come back soon, okay? I will look forward to talking with you again soon!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Hana the Dog said...

Hi Reina,
Your parents are good people to help at an animal rescue. If I come across any photos you can use, I will let you know! I will have to look up what a civet is.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina.
Its so nice of your parents to be part of that organization. All the animals deserve a good life. I am so sorry I don't have any pictures but like Hana said if I found something I will let you know.
Good luck.
Have a nice weekend

CJ said...

Oops, i meant to say happy 3mths old!!! LoL. Get too carried away... :p

CJ said...

Happy Birthday to U, Happy Birthday to U, Happy Birthday to Ms Reina..... Happy Birthday to U!!!!

reinadoxie said...

HI Putter, Hana & Lorenza!

Thanks for keeping a lookout for my parents!

Hi CJ! Thanks for the wishes!
Yes i am 3 months old only but i feel like i am one tough cookie already!


Mona,Jacks, Toby too!! said...

Hello again Reina,

Mommy was still kind of dazed from her accident when she sent our pictures to you. She meant to say, she would go through her computer files for pictures your Mom & Dad can use but she has only had little dogies like us that she has fostered the last several years and most were usually really scared like Bradley was when she brought them home. They don't stay sad over here for very long believe me. Our Mommy says the more the merrier & we agree...except when it's tummy rubbing time and she doesn't have enough hands.

Hope you liked my picture.....Toby just sent me a dirty Ihope you liked all of our pictures.

Lots of love & misses being sent your way......Jacks and the gang.

Mona,Jacks, Toby too!! said...

SORRY ABOUT THE LAST NOTE.........Mommy can't spell real good sometimes......I meant to say "lot's of love and kisses"

I think she might be a little jealous because I told her you have my heart wrapped around your little paws.

Kisses again.......Jacks

reinadoxie said...

Hi Jack,

It was very nice of you to drop me an email!
You look like a real gentledog!
Hope your mummy is doing alright now :)
I enjoyed the pictures alot :)


Peanut said...

That is very nice of your parents to do that. We can't help much with the pictures but hope you get lots of good ones.

Oscar said...

I will have a look and see if we have any suitable photos.

Oscar x

Hammer said...

G'day Reina

It's nice to meet you too !!

Your mum and dad are wonderful helping the animals. My mum will check to see if she has any photos she can send you.

You are very beautiful.

Love from your Aussie friend, Hammer

simba said...

Rabbits aren't cute they are stupid. We do have some photos of them though. I'll see if stupid Mummy can work out how to send them.

Simba xx

reinadoxie said...

Thanks for the photos, Simba. They are really cute bunnies! My parents really appreciate the help!