Thursday, June 14, 2007


Mummy went on a shopping spree and thank god all the things she bought was for me *beams*

To keep me company in my play pen, she went to this website: and got me these:

Zanies Chewfah loofah ball

 Zanies Snuggle Bear Blankets

Too  bad i gotta wait for these items to be delivered to me... Urgh!

Guess what Mummy found on the Google Search when she typed in Zanies Toys?

YES!!! Luckie Girl! I found you! Having fun with your zanies toy!

Oh, Mummy got me these too. She says the variety for collars and leash in Singapore is very limited. So she shopped here:

 I can't wait for these to arrive from USA! Audrey from ModernPets told me to send her pictures of me with the collar and the leash so she could put it up her website! How nice!!!

On a seperate note. How i wish i can do this to my Parents when they refuse to give me my treats

Yeah... WHATEVER! With my hands up! hehehe


Boo said...

you must love zanies very much. zanie chewfah, zanie blankie. is that zanie collar and leash too?

wet wet licks


simba said...

What great stuff your Mummy got you. Mummy is glad the teenage years of "whatever" are behind her now lol.

Simba xx

Ruby said...

Those are some pretty cool things you will be getting! I especially LOVE the collar (I'm a collar girl you know and have quite a collection).

That video was so cute...I wish I could do that too!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Oscar said...

Wow, I like your collar. Not for me obviously unless it comes in macho colours, but you'll look GREAT!

That little girl is hilarious!

Oscar x

Pippin said...

While I am very secure about myself, I think those would be too pink and girly for me. But they would look great on you. Did they have any in brown leather for a ruffledachsie?


Peanut said...

Oh all that stuff looks great. That video was to funny. Mom and I laughed

Mona,Jacks, Toby too!! said...

WE LOVE IT.........the little girl is adorable!!

Mommys always buys a little blanket with some kind animal's head on it like the picture of yours whenever she goes to a baby shower. How come they won't let us play with the new babies if those zanies are for us too!!

Luckie said...

Hey Reina,
I love Zanies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom knows how much I love them too. hehe...
I don't like collars, i mean I wear them but not with a leash so it's harnass for me only.

Girl girl said...

Oh Reina, the Snuggle Bear Blanket look so cute. I'm sure it'll be realy comfy for you. Hope all the stuff gets deliver to you soon

~ girl girl

funnyoldlife said...

Cuuute cute lead and collar, I love them! Hope to see a picture of you wearing them soon!

love, Smudge x

Dachsies Rule said...

Hmmm ... we might have to break out Mom's credit card and buy some fancy stuff for ourselves. We have the same collars and leads that we have had for a long time. It seems our friends get new ones and have special ones for special holidays. You are so lucky to be treated better than our Mom treats us. (Okay, she does type a blog for us so she isn't the worst mom in the world.)

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

fee said...

when will your presents arrive? we want more pix!

Nachos said...

wow Reina!
you mummy really got a pretty set of collar and leash for u!
Hope to see you soon with those pretty things!

heheh we tagged you~!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina.
Its great that your mom had bought all those things for you. Sure you will feel better when you are alone. I hope you get them soon.
The little girl is adorable!
Have a nice day

scubee said...

Very pretty collar! It will look gooooorgeous on you!

Sparky said...

Wow, that's some very nice stuff! I believe I'm starting to feel jealous. I'm gonna have to get Lizzy to take me out to get some knew things!


ume said...

kekekeke.... WHATEVER!!! i gotta start practising dat too!
do show us pix when those stuff arrive!

ferndoggle said...

Reina, you are going to look so Bootiful in your new duds. I expect a full fashion show once they arrive.