Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Look who I saw...

It was another nice day at the park. Some people were out having picnics.

Some were out practising wushu.


Dogs were out too. I met Cyber.  What a cool name!

Two gorgeous caught my attention. What beautiful coats!

And I thought I saw Joe Stains!

Joe Stains! Is that you!

Or is it Ruby? Hey Ruby, it's me...Reina!

Okay, it wasn't Joe or wonder Ruby...

I met his friend who had a really nice smile though...hahaha!

It was nice meeting you all! Everyone have a great week ahead!


Joe Stains said...

Ooh my dog that does kind of look like me, but I would have come right over to say Hi! Looks like you had fun!!

Precious said...

Lovely doggies, they look really fabulous. You are so friendly. =)


Oscar said...

Wow, what a bunch of good looking doggies, though none as lovely as you!

Oscar x

Peanut said...

Nice day out and meeting all those doggies how fun

Fei & E said...

Hi Reina
Nice day out. I love looking and exploring, takin in all the senses too.
Have a great week ahead, Reina!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina.
I like your weekends! You always go to interesting places! You met there lots of doggie friends! Yes, he looks like Joey!
Have a nice week too!

Maggie said...

You sure do get around Reina! I wish I got to meet as many doggies as you do!

Love ya lots,

Girl girl said...

Woh that's alot of doggies you got to meet. I wanna meet joe stains too

~ girl girl

Chiyo said...

wow reina you seem to go somewhere interesting almost every day! do you stay really close to the botanical gardens? :)


BenBen said...

Hey Reina, nice view at the park. My auntie Min play wushu too and she has all those "TOYs" that can kill. SO dont mess with me orelse I will borrow her toys. wahahahaha

There were lotsa dogs out there, beautiful... my place not much doggy...lucky you.

ume said...

hi Reina,
u r a lucky girl, u oways get to go to the park!
dat Boston reali does look like Joey!

simba said...

Thats my kind of day out, what great fun.

Simba xx

Luckie said...

Hey Reina,
That really looked like Joe or Ruby.....haha... :)