Wednesday, July 25, 2007

To Sentosa we go!

I had a greatttttt weekend! My parents brought me to Sentosa. Sentosa is this little getaway with beaches that are good enough in Singapore context. Well, to me, i think the beaches are beautiful, but mum swears that these beaches are NOTHING compared to those she's seen. *roll eyes*

Ok, so before i start talking about my Sentosa trip, i just wanna say... I MISS DADDY already! Daddy has officially gone for his reservist. For my frens who do not stay here in Sunny Singapore. Reservist is a torture boot camp for ex army boys, it is (sad to say) COMPULSARY!  Daddy had no choice but to go... a man's gotta do what he's gotta do.

So i am left to face Mummy for 2 weeks... (oops, did what i just said sounded like i did not fancy the thought of facing my Mum?) Ok, here i go again. I am SO Happy that i will be having so much private time with Mummy!~ (i really still prefer having daddy around)

Back to Sentosa now.  It was FAMILY DAY on last Sunday and my hooman's family decided to go Sentosa for a pinic! I was really happy to see DomDom again cause i really miss playing with my frens! Mummy prepared her best dish, Prawn Aglio Olio for the gathering and it was a hit. The dish was WIPED out! Pity i didn't get to try... But mummy was nice to bring pumpkin for DomDom and me.

It was my first time there at the beach, so i was pretty excited when i see the amount of SAND. So what did i do the first thing i step paw on sand? I DIG! YES!!!


Dom Dom however did not know how to dig. The last time he came in contact with sand, he actually ate it. (seriously... i know hoomans always say dogs like to stuff ANYTHING into their mouths, but Dom... do you really need to eat sand?) Well, i couldn't help but teach Dom Dom what a dog should do to sand. I must have been a good leader because within minutes, Dom Dom started digging already!

Can you see Dom Dom digging in the background?

Oh, and how can one not swim when you are at the beach yea? I tell you... i was a natural. The moment i hit the waters, i was swimming GRACEFULLY.... Dom Dom, once again stood there looking at me. It took Dom dom's parents nearly half an hour to get him into the waters.

Heres me showing Dom Dom how to swim. Can you actually hear my Mummy laughing at Dom? So rude.... Mummy should learn to respect my friend!

 Other than the Digging & Swimming, Dom and i did alot of ball chasing too! There was this Daddy & son playing football near us and the little boy heard my mummy call me REINA. The little boy was excited to hear my name and told his Daddy about it. So his Daddy asked my Mummy... "Reina as in the Liverpool's goal keeper Reina?"

My parents were so happy that my name was finally acknowledged! Oh Come on... I did that goal keeper Reina proud for being such an oustanding mini dachshund alright! This is how it really should be:  when someone meet Reina the goalkeeper, the person will say... "Reina as in the lovely little mini dachshund Reina?"

Don't you agree with me? :p


Clover said...

Reina! What a great swimmer you are! I have not tried swimming yet, but I will be sure to ask you for pointers before I go. :) Thanks for sending me healing licks when I was sick!
Love Clover xo

Sparky said...

You're a very good swimmer!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina. Two weeks without your Dad?? Oh-oh! Enjoy your time with your mom, you know, doing girly things!
You are a great swimmer! I love your video, do it perfect! You are so smart! I like to swim to but I haven't done it at a beach just in a pool!
Have a nice day

Girl girl said...

Oh dear, torture boot camp sounds so scary... You think the dwb doggies should gather and help get your daddy out?
Woh, I never been to a beach.. It sure looks fun.. Woh you're making the Liverpool’s goal keeper really proud. :)

~ girl girl

Mona,Jacks, Toby too!! said...

Reina..I don't think I like the beach or can even swim. You could teach me how. We could have lots of fun together but let's not invite my brother Toby because he has his own girlfriends, Roxie and Lorenza, and i want you all to myself.

Love Jacks

Boo said...

hahaha, Reina, are you talking about the mini dashchund? how about that reina dear?

reina, i wonder who help you type? i hope it wasn't daddy's idea to put those nice nice daddy words now that you have to face mom for 2 weeks... ALONE!

wet wet licks


ume said...

another water baby here! u r a natural, Reina!
keke... yes, agreed! “Reina as in the lovely little mini dachshund Reina.” oh! i luv dat undercover video! were u on a v impt mission?

Bernard said...

That looked like sooo much fun!!! One of these days I hope I can see a beach too.

reinadoxie said...

Hi Boo,

Mum's been helping me with my blog while Daddy is in boot camp. So i gonna be real nice to her. :p

simba said...

I lvoe the beach. I know what you mean about Mummys, they feed you and all that. But Daddys play the best games.

Simba x

Oscar said...

Nice swimming there Reina. I always thought your name was "Queen" as that is what Reina means in Spanish I think!

Oscar x

Luckie The Dachie said...

Hey Reina,
You are a good swimmer!! As for being a digger, we are hounds and are trackers and good diggers. Well done, gotta show DomDom the ropes. :P
PS : I hope you have fun at this Sat's gathering. Is your Dad in town or overseas for training. I will miss seeing you!! *sniff sniff*

reinadoxie said...

Hi Luckie,

Its a pity you can't join us this Saturday, i will miss seeing you too!
I will make sure Mum takes lots of pictures for you!
My dad is in some island, but around Singapore :p

Pippin said...

Hei Reina
You are a really good swimmer, I have had a go here but it is not so warm in Norway so I just paddle around in the water a bit. I have seen some ducks on the water though. Maybe I will swim to those and chase them :D
I love to dig too! I have dug up the neighbours flowerbed and a big hole in the neighbours garden too, we just have paving and I cannot dig in our garden. :(
Hope you have fun with your mamma. I get to spend everyday with mine and then pappa comes home from work and it's really really fun. I don't like it when they disappear for a few days either.

Copper said...

wow, you're a great swimmer!

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Reina..
Ahh.. your dad's gone to 'serve the nation'.
Wow.. you are a gret swimmer!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy said...

Reina, you are already more popular than the LIverpool goalkeeper. Look at the all the friends who come to visit you!

Suki said...

Wanshang hao, Reina! Ni hao? Hee-hee :)
That goalkeeper should be honored to share his name with you. And I'm sorry your Daddy had to leave. We have the same thing here in the US - doggies and kiddies are always saying goodbye to their Daddies & Mommies. And it's even worse, now, with this stoopid war! :(

Keep your Mommy company, ok?

Puggy kisses

Precious said...

I agree with you Reina, Sentosa beaches are the best I've ever seen too and it's the only beach where I'll wanna swim. I'm not really keen on swimming with plastic bags and stuffs floating around. *Giggle*


fee said...

wow, you swim well, reina. i've only been once when i was abt 3 mths and i just kept heading for the shore!!!

Daxán said...

I certainly agree with you! Reina is a wonderful and delightfully cute dachshund!!! Who ever heard of a football player anyway...?