Thursday, October 4, 2007

Animal blessings at St Mary of the Angels

Last Sunday was a special day. It was the feast of St. Francis of Assisi and there was an animal fair at St Mary of the Angels. In the afternoon, there was a blessing for animals!

Dom was there.


Puppy dachie! Makes me feel old.

There was a horse.

And a cow!

Someone brought her pet bird for blessing!

Someone was dressed as St Francis! Can you spot it?

And here's me in the queue with dad waiting to be blessed.

Oh, and mummy bought me a new harness/dress.

I love it!!!


Girl girl said...

That looks like an interesting event with so many animals. I wonder if hammies can go for the blessing too

~ Girl girl

simba said...

all sorts of different animals. I bet that was an interesting day in the church calender.

Simba xx

Mona,Jacks, Toby too!! said...

My Reina,

I am so glad you went & got blessed. We go to St James the Apostle every year but we didn't make it this year....Not to worry Father Charlie said he would do a private blessing this weekend just for us. Last year there was a duck and a iguana....boy was he a big LIZARD. LOVE your boy Jacks

Boo said...

asta's church was having similar blessing too. hmm... is that a normal for all the church to have blessing for animals on a special day?

wet wet licks


ume said...

such a special occasion! did u get to go near to the horsie n moo-moo?

Sparky said...

I like the pictures. Hehe, and I like the cow! Oh, and you look great in your new harness/dress! I love it!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina.
I told Asta that here we don't have those blessings but I have a St. Francis of Assisi that was blessed at the church.
Your harness/dress is like the ones my grandma makes for me! You look beautiful!
Have a nice day

geosen said...

You look so cute in your new dress, Reina!

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

that dress sure looks good on you!! so did you sneeze, is that why they blessed you??

Chiyo said...

blessing of the animals? that is so interesting! :) how do they perform the blessing?


Boy n Baby said...

Hi Reina

That is a very nice harness:)

Boy n Baby

Luckie Girl said...

Hi Reina,
Your new harness/dress looks great on you. Just the right dress for your blessing! St Mary is a bootiful church. My hoomans got married at Risen Christ. :)

Cody, THE Fussypot Pant said...

Pink is your colour Reina! I like it on you!

How did the horse and the cow smell like? Nice?

Clover said...

Hi Reina,
Oh my dog - your harness dress looks really great! Such a pretty girl!
Love Clover xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Reina
How beautiful St Francis of Assisis was remembered and all the animals were blessed. You look more gorgeous than ever in your new dress and harness. Hope you and your hoomans have a great weekend.
Love from Hammer

Anonymous said...

Hi Reina
I'm not Anonymous .. I'm your friend Hammer. I think my mum has goofed again !!
Love from Hammer

Hana the Dog said...

What a pretty outfit you have one! I have a St. Francis medal from my mom's friend which say "Bless my dog." It looks like this: