Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy First to Lil' Torres

Today is the Lunar New Year 2010. Everyone is wishing every other person a Happy Tiger New Year. The cute ones will say Tigger New Year.

4 days ago, we celebrated Torres and Tamys' 1st birthday. There was a great spread of food. And I mean it.  

Poached salmon and vegetables. Now we know what heaven tastes like.

 There was a fantastic cake, courtesy of Karen for the two birthday doggies. It was such a joy to behold!

Tamy and Torres, one for the camera.

We wasted little time getting down to some serious blueberry business.  Might have done a cleaner job though. Someone left a bit of trace on the nose.

Now, just look at the doofus... 

We had great fun nevertheless. As always, it was difficult getting that all important group shot at the end. This was the best Pops could do with his cam.

Happy Birthday Torres and Tamy! Torres, you might bit a little off at times, but I still love you!


Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday Torres and Tammy!
Glad to see you had a great time celebrating your big day!
Kisses and hugs

Dog Training Loveland said...

Happy Birthday Torres and Tammy! :)

Amanda said...

LOl omg. i cant believe i googled dachshunds in singapore and i found YOU! remember me? saw u at bishan park this evening? LOL I'm amanda, the one with the overweight doxie