Thursday, August 12, 2010

YOG Singapore

That's Merly and Lyo. Lion and Merlion, in case you're wondering. Dad thinks Merly is Kumar - inspired. (Kumar's a very famous local comedian here in Singapore) 

The Youth Olympic Games are happening for the very FIRST time in history of both mankind and dogkind. And Singapore, this little red dot on the map has the honor of hosting this inaugural sporting event. It's still beyond anyone's wildest imagination. Both Torres and I, though ineligible to participate (we would totally nail the swimming event btw) are very proud for Singapore.

Prior to the commencement of the games, the Olympic torch had been making its way across every continent around the world before reaching Singapore sometime last week. And over the weekend, we had the excitement of witnessing first hand the torch relay just across the road from our crib.

Here's us on our way to the bus stop, where the relay was about to proceed.

That's me, with my tongue out in anticipation....( was just the crazy weather...too hot!) Redefines the meaning of hotdog...

Thats the Ra-Ra bus...doing its best to hype up the crowd before the flame runner appeared. For a moment, I felt like a star when it went by us. Some of the peeps on the bus actually whipped out their cams to snap away at us! Guess its not everyday you see 2 dogs amongst a crowd of hoomans waiting for the Olympic torch relay...

Celebrity sighting! Miss Joanne Peh, if you can spot her in the crowd. There was no way, with my compromised height that I could get a clean shot with all the hoomans in front of us...

We had fun! It was kind of like a good work out.  Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeahhhh....hey!

We have the entire torch exchange captured on our view cams but there are some issues with youtube at the moment. Will update the clip some other day. Meanwhile, have a good day/night everyone!


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Lorenza said...

That is pawesome!
I am sure you all are excited about the games!
Our people is there to be part of them!
I will be waiting to see your videos!
Have fun!
Kisses and hugs