Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Commando

Thats the nickname the hoomans gave me ever since I was little.

Ever since they discovered how I growl at anything unusual in sight. Ever since they witnessed the aftermath of how I devoured a cockroach. Ever since I fished out a beetle with my teeth, from below the TV console, when everyone thought I was just paranoid.

I'd gladly accept that title. If you think of it, my natural instincts/talent are actually saving the hoomans some $.

First, they save on door bells. Because there is simply no need for one. Before any stranger comes near our door, the sensory neurons in my tiny but powerful (*winks*) brain triggers my K9 vocals to sound off.

Next, they save on insecticide or cockroach traps or pest busters... Because I prey on sight.

The hoomans recently went for a holiday and came across something  they thought was very appropriate for me.

They only got the picture though. They didn't buy the actual thing. Silly hoomans.


Lorenza said...

Reading your post I understand your nickname!
The Commando! Perfect for you!
Kisses and hugs

Twix said...

Hey! I never thought about it that way.... you know, saving the humans money. Have you been able to use that angle and get some extra treats for saving all that money? And with all the money you are saving them, why couldn't they buy you that new outfit?