Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Midweek with Reina: Pulau Ubin

The hoomans LEFT us at home on Sunday to go cycling at Pulau Ubin. We made sure we gave them a piece of our mind/mouthful of whines as they left home.

For our dear friends abroad, Ubin is an island near Singapore. It's about a 10 minute boat ride away from the Changi Ferry Point. According to the hoomans, it has been ages sinces they last went. I've never been to Ubin myself. Dogs aren't allowed.

That's the welcome signage you'll see when you arrive at Ubin. It used to be a thriving kampong, but with civilisation, the population has dwindled significantly and the main source of income for the remaining islanders here is tourism.

Here below is a picture taken (off the internet) from the highest point of Ubin, overlooking the quarry and lake. It's quite a rare view for a concrete jungle like Singapore. 

The main attraction at Ubin is the cycling. Bicycles can be rented from 2SGD for the whole day. Thats what the hoomans did. Cycling a bicycle is no joke. I could never do it. It's physically impossible for us.

Mum lost her balance and fell off her bicycle, injuring her chest and had bruises to her knee. It could be due to a lack of fiitness. The hoomans should really bring us out for walks more often. We ALL need exercise. Thankfully, the xrays indicated that it was not a serious injury and Mum got 3 days MC, which means more time at home with us! Now, I know what's bittersweet.

More good news was to follow. The hoomans found out that dogs are now allowed in Ubin. Though, they will have to charter an entire bum boat to bring us over. Mum's all for it but Dad's a tough nut to crack. For one, he feels that we can't cycle and two, there's nothing there for us to do.

What do you think? Should the hoomans bring us to Ubin some day? Leave a comment!

Midweek with Reina.

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Lorenza said...

That is a pawesome place!
Of course they need to take you two there!
I hope it will be soon!
Kisses and hugs