Monday, May 30, 2011

Singapore Dachies Gathering


Yesterday, we were at the Singapore Dachies gathering at K9 Kulture Cafe, Turf City. It's always cool to be a part of some club/society, what more a Dachies community. And it's always a good idea to head out on a weekend for a breather, to meet new friends and hang out with fellow doxies. Dogs have social lifes too!

We met fellow doxies from all walks of life, same shape but different colors, different sizes. Black tan, red, brown, dapple, ash, long haired, short coat, fizzy, curly, you name it, we got it.

One by one they came strutting in...

Some stopped for a pose...

others were quick to work their magic on the cams..

Some were shy...

Others not so shy...


Prior to the gathering, the hoomans had been busy with the General Elections. With all the walking and new friends, it did feel like it was some sort of campaigning for some form of dog elections as we walked the ground shaked paws/sniffed behinds and tried to get to know each other better. There was this one dog that caught our attention. Billie Jean, one of the pioneers for dog blogging in Singapore. When he saw me, he said, " Hey, I recognize you!" I was flattered and inspired. He asked me why I stopped blogging for such a long time. I was dumbfounded, it was then that I was reminded that there were actually followers of my blog.

Here's Billie Jean!

Shortly after, another dachie approached me and asked about my blog. Again, I was flattered and motivated to try to keep up the blogging habit. Hence, this new entry. =)

We had a field day. It was good to be out and about. Suarez found time for an emo shot.

It's good to be back. =)


Lorenza said...

Sure it was a pawesome event!
Meeting Billie Jean was grrreat, right?
I hope Photobucket works soon! I want to see your pictures!
Kisses and hugs

Reina said...

Hi Lorenza, our Number 1 fan!

The photos are up for your viewing!

kalyxcornucopia said...

oh so good to see so many of my buddies at your meetup! and so glad u r blogging again! :) baxter