Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hidden Camera

We caught the hooman news on TV a couple of nights ago and were startled by this particular piece of news...

For my friends who don't understand Mandarin, the clip was about the abuse of an old lady, patient at a nursing home here in Singapore. Left helplessly naked on her chair under the blowing fan, hurled violently onto her bed by the nursing home staff, slapped on the lips are just some of the atrocities. I couldn't bear to watch it more than once as it absolutely broke my heart.


 Some time ago, the hoomans thought of installing a hidden camera in our home to survey the ongoing activities when they weren't around. To check  if either one of us was bullying the other. They really shouldn't be wasting their money because there is no way we would do such things to each other. =)

Just look at us...

We're tight...=P

Then again, being us, we wouldn't mind the extra attention. =D

1 comment:

Lorenza said...

I won't watch the video. Those things break my heart!
Of couse you don't need a hidden camera!
I know you two get along pretty well!
I love your picture! You two look soooo happy!
Kisses and hugs