Friday, June 21, 2013

Where is the Love?

Dear friends and fans,

We read about the haze currently affecting Singapore and it looks really terrible. We remember the last time it happened when we were there, the PSI level was in the 100+ plus range (unhealthy). Just today, it breached 400, which is way beyond the scale and considered hazardous. We thought it was bad then and now that it's 4 times worse, we can't imagine what it's like.

We are also very shocked at how self interested these hoomans can be. The haze is caused by irresponsible mass burning of forests in Sumatra, Indonesia. Apparently, it's the best way to prepare soil for new crops. Well, obviously not. Just look at (or smell) how much environmental damage has been done.

The haze has also led to a mad rush to pharmacies and departmental stores islandwide for face masks. We couldn't believe when we read about how rogue hoomans were cashing in during the crisis and jacking up prices and selling face masks at 2,3,4 and maybe even more times the original price!

We were also stunned by reports of sightings of stray cats and birds losing their lives because of the haze. Sometimes, just by looking at how the hoomans handle their problems make us feel sad. Hoomans have a lot to learn from us. They must also understand that we are all sharing and a part of the same world. 

On another note, while there was no haze to hit Wellington, we were hit by the worst thunderstorm in several decades. The hoomans were clever enough to go for a late night movie yesterday and had to travel through the thunderstorm at its peak. Fortunately, they made it home safe. A very apt Singaporean saying to describe them, "backside itchy, nothing to do, find trouble".

Right now, we're still coming to terms with the brunt of Winter.

Mr Heater's our best friend.
We're never too far away.
To our friends and fans in Singapore,

Keep calm and breathe on,


Lovable Lily said...

Oh how horrible to hear of all the smoke! It makes us sad to think of all those helpless animals.

Stay warm!

Lily Belle & Muffin

Ruby said...

Oh, that is terrible abouts the smoke! I'm glads your sendin' your loves and support!
Ruby ♥
pees: sorry abouts the thunder boomers!

Miss Reina said...

Last heard today that things are getting better. Clear blue skies in the afternoon.

We're keeping warm, thank you all for stopping by!