Sunday, June 30, 2013

Save Our Street Dogs

We came across this video on YouTube recently that moved us to tears. It never once crossed our mind that mankind would detest us so much. According to the video, everyday in Singapore, people complain about the number of stray dogs on the streets, accusing them of being a nuisance and endangering public safety. Dogs have been reported to chase and attack random humans, motorists and cyclists. As a result, the authorities have been rounding up  and capturing stray dogs. Of the many captured, only a few are adopted or re-homed, the rest? Put to sleep. Unbelievable.

This must be the biggest misunderstanding ever. I really don't think there is a dog out there that was born to chase or attack a human without any reason. There must be a reason for the dog to chase or attack, if it ever did so. My fellow dog mates, I'm sure you know what I mean. How many times have we encountered that sickening sniggering human that goes "woof woof" when they see us. Watching those silly humans try to speak our language just makes me want to laugh. Unfortunately for them humans, not all dogs see the funny side of it. Some see it as a taunt and react by chasing.

Or do you remember the umpteen times when a human goes : " Be careful, don't go near the dog or else it'll bite you." Sure, be careful what you wish for...

Us dogs, we just want to be fed and loved. In return, we wag out tails and lick with our tongues. It's just that simple. We love our owners probably more than we love ourselves. And really, while we are a part of our owner's world, our owners mean the whole world to us.

It pains us to see how dogs can be misunderstood and even more so, when random dogs are captured and punished  just because of some human complains....with death.

Save Our Street Dogs is an initiative set up to save the stray dogs in Singapore and we applaud them for their hard work. Do check them out and give your support.



Lovable Lily said...

What a sad situation! No animal should be put to sleep for that reason. Those are innocent animals.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Ruby said...

Oh, Reina, we agree whole heartedly! This is just horrible!!
Ruby ♥