Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy or Happee

Over the past few weeks, Mummy and daddy have been making this startling observation. They refused to tell me what it was until today...So what exactly is this BIG secret???

I pee whenever I get overly excited. While it's not the typical flow...the few drops are enough to be noticeable.

Here is a typical scenario: I'm in my play pen, and after hours of not seeing Mummy and Daddy, you can imagine how happy I am when they return home from work. So there I go, jumping with joy and as Mummy stretches in to lift me out of the pen, I drop a few drops of pee as I'm jumping.

Is this normal? =X Do you pee when you get overly excited too?

I hope this won't be a daily occurence else I'll have to contend with them singing,"If you're happy and you know it, drop some pee..."


Luckie The Dachie said...

Hey Reina,
It's ok girl..I get that excitement pee pee thing too. I think we'll probably outgrow it. hehe.... My Mom hates it when my tail starts swishing the pee everywhere. Now that really "pisses" her off!! hahaha

Peanut said...

I used to do that when I was younger. I outgrew it about the time I was 2 1/2

Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina.
It happens to all of us. Don't worry. Maybe one day we will outgrew it! Or maybe not!
Have a good night

Joe Stains said...

My Mom had a weiner dog and she peed everytime someone came to the house too, and she did it um forever :)

Mona,Jacks, Toby too!! said...


None of us pee pee like that but Mommy's little girl, Samantha, that is waiting at the rainbow bridge for Mom did for the whole 14 1/2 years she lived with Mommy. Mommy said it was because she was at home by herself everyday and was lonely. So it wasn't her fault. Maybe you need a little brother or sister to keep you company. Our Mom said that's why we don't peepee becasue we don't have time to be lonely. Just imagine what it would be like if all four of us did that?

Lorenza said...

Hi, Reina.
Its me again. I nominated you. Please check my blog.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy said...

Reina, don't worry about it. Dachsies are known to "excitement pee", so it even has a name. Girls are more prone to it but boys can do it too. Sammy pees if he is afraid. Our Aunt Lexie (a dachsie) did it for years but she has owngrown it. Or maybe she just doesn't get as excited about things.

Chiyo said...

allo reina :) first i wanna say i love the 2nd bumper sticker, the Dogfather one :)

HM's previous dog used to pee when she was excited. it was a little embarassing when she peed on her friend's socks when he came to visit.

i think your mommy can reduce the excitement by opening the playpen instead of reaching over to get you. and also maybe by not looking at you for a few minutes until after you calm down a little when she reaches home. i know it sounds cruel and all but i'm sure you don't want to pee on your boyfriend when he first comes to take you out on a date rite? :) *wink*


Girl girl said...

Hey Reina, I love your car sticker. hee.Hum.. I think you must be really really excited to see your parents to drop some pee. I dont think they'll mind

~ girl girl

Oscar said...

Aw, as others have said I think it's a common thing. At least mum and dad can laugh about it.

Oscar x

Boo said...

ah, my chiyo gives good advice. my cousin blackie does that allllllllllll the time! she told she went visit blackie last saturday (without me) and blackie was jumping in joy and ... oops! leaking underneath. hehehe. blackie is a boy btw.

wet wet licks


Maggie said...

I've never had that problem! I hope you outgrow it Reina!

Love ya lots,

hershey said...

i never did the happy pee thing...but copper does!!! haha

ferndoggle said...

I don't pee. I just jump on you & try to lick your face! Chiyo gives good advice. Let us know how it goes.


Bailey said...

Hi - Skippy is the worst about peeing when he gets excited. Our boy here calls him SIR-PEES-ALOT. He has to wear a diaper sometimes. I have heard that doxies have this problem. Just be happeeeeee!!! Luv, Bailey

ume said...

hi Reina,
u r not alone, i'm a hapPEE dog too!
like chiyo suggested, my Jiejie opens my playpen slowly n let me pee into my pee mat b4 letting me out. if i'm oredi outside the playpen, Jiejie will ignore me till i calm down. but i still have the tendency to pee if any stranger plays with me. what can i say? i'm a veri hapPEE dog!

Stig said...


It's very common for puppies, and it gets worse if the puppy gets a lot of attention when someone comes through the door. "Parents" should come home, do their ordinary get-in-the-door and after a few minutes calmly greet the puppy. There's plenty of room for excited playing later, but combining the excited playing with the separation anxiety that most puppies have just had is a bad idea and in most cases make the separation anxiety worse as well. If the puppy is allowed to pee when it is fun (parents returning and playing) the puppy will keep peeing because that's what he or she does when mummy and daddy are returning and playing. We know how hard it is to get good habits, and how incredibly hard it is to get rid of bad habits. This is a bad habit that might stick around unless you address it right away.

Our Pippin had it until he was about 3 months. We calmed down when we saw we had the problem, and a week or two later it was fine. Their bladders will improve as well, reducing the chance of this, unless they have gotten the notion that peeing is the way to have fun. (After all, it's fun when you pee, mummy and daddy is playing with me) A mini dachsie like Reina might need a bit longer, but calm down and it will pass.

Stig (and non-peeing Pippin)

reinadoxie said...

Daddy and mummy thanks you all for the insightful advices.

They will be trying them out straight away. The situation will be updated, hopefully with good results!

I wanna be a happy and not happee dog!


Copper said...

You have gotten good advice on this. My Mom has learned to hold a towel under me when she expects it.... or greet me outside. Sigh .....