Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thuderstorm Aftermath

When the hoomans say that at the end of a storm is a golden sky, they forgot to mention the mess on the ground.

Suarez in shock.
"I hope they don't make me clear up the mess"
Reina: "What are you looking for hooman? Clear up the mess!"
After three days of intense thunderstorm, we were finally let out of our misery indoors only to be greeted by a pile of fallen leaves all over our deck. We were fortunate as compared to other households in the city that had roofs blown off. Fallen leaves paled in comparison.

To the tune of who let the dogs out, we were unleashed into the open to expand the energy accumulated in our tiny but very nurturing frames over the past three days. And there was the golden sky.

Suarez vs Reina, 1 on 1.

Suarez attempting the step over.
Suarez fancies going in goal.
You have no idea what it meant to be out there in the open after three days of confinement indoors. Like how they say it back in Singapore, "Shiok ah".



Lovable Lily said...

Our humans would do the same thing, just stand there and look at the mess. Just how in the world do they think WE could sweep it up!

We're happy to hear that your weather has cleared and you're able to get outside once again. It's hard being stuck in the house all day.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Ruby said...

Yups, that is the look I give's like they think we have thumbs and can clean it ourselves! BOL
Gotta get them to move!! hehehe
Sure looks like it cleared up for you guys though! Beautifuls! and what a great field to play in...I am sooooo jealous!
Ruby ♥